about Jes Durfee Glass Art


I have been practicing, learning and creating glass art for just over 20 years, since the year 2000.

I use borosilicate coe33 clear optic & colored glass and use a hot flame to create different techniques with the glass.

The faceted pendants are collaborations with (lapidary artists) who use diamond wheels to cut, grind and polish the lens and sometimes body of the pendants that I create out of hot glass by flame working, I'm honored to work with these talented artists.

For more info about me and how I create my art, please watch my interview on native report to see different techniques, hear my story and see tools and colors used to create the glass art. It is from a few years ago but shows many different things. 


 Marble making demo at the Humboldt Marble Weekend

 Creating a Butterfly Millifiore